Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Crazy 8's

You've probably heard of the card game Crazy 8's and you may be wondering how Crazy 8's could refer to food.

Well it has everything to do with food - Crazy 8's is Exercise!!! 

The food in Malaysia is so good and I like eating it as well as cooking my own so to cancel out some of the calories, and let's be honest, we have a high calorie diet, i have to do plenty of exercise.

So today i'm sharing with you an exercise routine that i learnt about a year ago that will get you well on the way to burning calories and earning you that little slice of cheesecake.

You can do it at the gym or in your living room in front of the TV and it will only take 35 minutes.  It will exhaust you a bit - and that is the idea as we are trying to strengthen muscles and increase metabolism in the one routine.

Grab a pair of light dumbells, 2-5lb for ladies, 12-25lb for guys.  If you don't have dumbells just use your hands clenched in fists, and do the following :

8 x bicep curls
8 x shoulder press
8 x upright rows
8 x bent over double arm rows
8 x bent over single arm rows with one hand at a time
8 x push-ups (3 counts down, 1 count up)
8 x lateral side raises
8 x dumbell shrugs
8 x stiff legged dead lifts
Rest for 1 minute

Repeat this routine 8 times and very, very important that you adhere to the 1 minute break.  Breaking longer will result in too much drop in your heart-rate and loss of a lot of the benefit you are seeking.

Do this workout 2 or 3 times a week and start to reap the rewards.


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  1. this is seriously work!! thanks buddy for sharing this awesome exercise...