Monday, 18 February 2013

Collection of Tess Gerritsen Novels

I decided to take a photo of my Tess Gerritsen novel collection.  I bought a lot of these in Bangkok where they were quite a bit cheaper than Kuala Lumpur.  So far I have read "The Silent Girl" (not pictured here), "Harvest", "Vanish", "The Surgeon", "The Aprentice", "The Sinner" (not pictured here),  "Body Double", "The Mephisto Club", "The Keepsake (Not pictured).  Currently reading "Ice Cold".

They are such gripping reads and if you're into thrillers, with plenty of focus on the medical side then I really recommend Tess Gerritsen.  Some of the endings are great but there is plenty along the way to keep you guessing and wanting to read on.

My ratings for each so far are :

The Silent Girl :  9.5/10  (Absolutely brilliant story)
Vanish :  7/10
Harvest : 5.5/10  (I think this was one of her earlier novels.  Definitely got better with more experience).
The Surgeon : 7.5/10
The Apprentice : 7/10
The Sinner : 6.5/10
Body Double : 9.5/10  (Another real special novel.  Gripping story, a little spine-chilling actually).
The Mephisto Club : 8.5/10
The Keepsake : 8/10
Ice Cold : Reading Now...
Last to Die : Haven't bought this one yet...

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