Monday, 13 August 2012

Roasted shoulder pork with Crispy crackling

To get a crispy crackling layer on this shoulder pork I tried deep frying the pork for a couple of minutes prior to slow-roasting in the oven.  I was happy with the result a crispier crackling resulted.

I roasted it covered in al-foil and lathered in honey, BBQ sauce, rosemary and salt and pepper and then used the juices as a sauce for the pork and the roast potatoes and onions.  I cooked the pork uncovered at the end till the internal temp reached 65C and it blackened a bit in the process.

Nice for a weekend and leftovers for sandwiches.



  1. Damn... this looks good. When are you inviting CK and me over for dinner, Mr. Zanussi? :D

    1. Good idea Kenny. U guys are always so busy.

      We plan for a breakfast before work one of these days, with something evil like the zabaglione again!!!