Friday, 4 March 2016

Online math tutoring via skype

Having trouble with math or know someone who does?

-  No obligation free of charge first session.
-  Hourly interactive Skype sessions (US$12/hour)
-  Checking of work completed, via email.  (US$0.50/question).
-  Personalised service that quickly captures your capability, improves your weaknesses and capitalises on your strengths.

With years of experience tutoring, a double degree in mathematics and a passion for the subject that goes beyond my passion for food, I am happy to offer my services remotely online tutoring in math.

Of course i can offer nutritional advice, share recipes as well :-)

Suitably for your children if they are struggling with math or for those in high school and/or college and want to excel.

Send me an email to if you would like a free first session and we can take your math skills to new heights.

Wayne Z

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